The New Crewel: Exquisite Designs In Contemporary Embroidery

by Katherine Shaughnessy

For many, Crewel is an art form which uses yarn on fabric using embroidery stitches. Katherine challenges this notion by creating traditional techniques in a contemporary fashion. The book explains the tools of the trade along with fabrics and threads.  How to start and end threads, mounting and transferring the design are all explained in great detail.


After we have finished the basics, Mrs. Shaughnessy takes us into “New Crewel Stitches.” Here, we are introduced to several stitches. Next, projects are given. Several square motifs are stitched and explained. Canning jar lids, blue jeans, pillow tops, lamp shade, eye glasses case, apron, skirt, scarves and mesh bag are all included in this beautifully illustrated book. You are given full instructions from start to finish.


All in all, “The New Crewel” is a great beginner book which I feel advanced stitchers would also enjoy.